About Us

Pi CBD is a Canadian small business based out of Vancouver Island BC. All our CBD products have been thoughtfully created with simple and natural ingredients. The CBD used in our products is always sourced from non-gmo, pesticide-free North American Hemp to bring you the highest quality, most health-promoting CBD products possible. We wish our customers all the clarity, balance and well-being that this ancient medicine has to offer.

Ancient Medicine

Society’s knowledge of the many health benefits associated with the Hemp plant was lost for a generation. In ancient times, cannabis was known to promote peace and relaxation and was used extensively in medicine. 

Reviving the Tradition 

With the gradual lifting of cannabis prohibition in more recent times, funding for research into its health benefits has increased and new discoveries are being made all the time. 

Most excitingly, researchers have found that components in cannabis interact with the endocannabinoid system to help the body maintain homeostasis in the face of stress. The ability to deal with an onslaught of stress is fundamental for good health. Isn’t it  nice to know that there is a safe natural substance that can give us a needed boost when our body is feeling a little overwhelmed? 

We are now on a scientific journey to understand the human relationship with this magnificent plant. Here at Pi CBD we feel privileged to be a part of it by offering our high quality CBD products for your benefit.

Pi CBD plant

Why Hemp is Amazing

Agricultural Integrity

Since the beginning of civilization, we have been turning the land. The crops we’ve planted for millennia have evolved with us in their variety and genetic diversity. One of the most proliferate of them all is the simple Hemp plant. Our modern society is only now beginning to understand all of  it’s amazing properties. This crop is easy to cultivate and requires very little need for chemical intervention. It can grow in poor soil at almost every latitude with the exception of the poles and at very inhospitable elevation. 

Apothecary Virtue

The North American predawn of pharmaceutical advancements lasted a couple hundred years. There were plenty of questionable elixirs in those early days but many of our modern medicines are advancements from that era. Of course the prohibition against Hemp for almost a century has  dramatically hampered our medicinal comprehension of Cannabinoids and their effect on human physiology. Those medicinal pioneers were on to something!

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While cannabinoids have a well-established history of being used throughout human civilization, there’s no time like the present. We encourage you to browse our shop and take advantage of the medicinal power of Pi CBD’s products.

30 Day Quality Assurance Guarantee – We guarantee that all Pi CBD products will be in clean sterilized bottles and will be free from any contaminants. Oil tinctures should appear clear with a homogenous dilution. If there is damage to your security ring on the cap of your bottle or you find any unacceptable issues with your product, please send us a message on our contact page. Be sure to include your name, address and order number to ensure a hasty resolution.