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CBD Oil for Pets as Palliative Care for Your Fur Baby

Watching a beloved pet die is excruciating difficult. Knowing that you are losing a key part of your life is bad enough, but perhaps the worst part is seeing your pet suffer. Of course, with animals, there is the option of having them put down. But maybe you aren’t ready to make that decision. Or maybe you sense that your pet isn’t there yet either. Palliative care is about reducing pain to increase quality of life.

CBD oil stimulates appetite.

CBD oil for pets can help reduce your fur baby’s suffering due to a terminal illness or old age because it works through multiple mechanisms to reduce symptoms associated with many diseases and old age. So whether your pet has cancer, kidney disease, seizures, or another disorder, CBD oil for pets can make them feel more comfortable. It is a specialized formulation that is safe to give your pet. It is not the same as CBD oil for humans.

At earlier stages of some illnesses, you can use CBD to treat the disease itself. For example, CBD oil has anti-tumour effects in dogs, slowing the progression of cancer. CBD oil can also be used to treat some of the side effects of conventional treatments for cancer with good effect. But in this article we focus on palliative care, when the illness has progressed to a point of no return and the main goal is to make the last days or weeks more tolerable so you and your pet can make the most of your last days together.

CBD oil is all-natural, safe, non-invasive and well-tolerated, but each pet is unique, and you do need to watch your pet’s reactions to make sure they are doing alright. Always make sure the CBD oil you give your pet does not contain THC, as this can be hazardous for cats and dogs. Below we discuss how CBD oil for pets can help manage some common symptoms, so your beloved fur baby can live their last days in more comfort.

CBD Oil for Pets Reduces Pain

CBD oil can alleviate pain through several different mechanisms and pathways, making it highly effective for pain caused by a number of ailments. It reduces inflammation, disrupts pain signaling to the brain, and also, once in the brain, reduces the perception of pain.

Cannabinoids in CBD oil interact with cannabinoid receptors in the immune system to inhibit the release of pro-inflammatory molecules and excitatory neurotransmitters, thereby reducing inflammation. Inflammation usually triggers a pain response, so by reducing inflammation, CBD oil also reduces the pain response and by extension the pain signal to the brain..

Even if the brain does receive some pain signaling, CBD oil for pets has a calming effect on the emotional response to pain, which brings us to the next point.

CBD Oil for Pets Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety in your older or sick pet can have a multitude of causes. Pain can be one cause, but also a general inability to move around as much or perhaps hearing or vision problems can all contribute to a feeling of being less secure and in turn feeling anxious. Pets can also experience cognitive decline with age or illness, which can cause anxiety.

As with pain reduction, pet CBD oil works through a variety of pathways to decrease anxiety. It can boost serotonin in the brain, it can encourage the formation of new neurons within the hippocampus (a smaller hippocampus is associated with depression), it possibly has a neuroprotective action in the brain thereby reducing symptoms of cognitive dysfunction syndrome (the canine/feline equivalent to Alzheimer’s in humans). Whatever the reason for the anxiety, the fact that CBD oil decreases it through multiple pathways, increases the possibility of its effectiveness.

CBD Oil for Pets Reduces Nausea and Improves Appetite

Whether the nausea is related to illness, medication, or something else, CBD oil can be a helpful aid as it has been shown to both prevent and suppress nausea. Nausea includes vomiting, of course, but watch for other signs of nausea also, such as: drooling, licking lips, shaking, anxiety, or refusal to eat. Nausea can lead to dehydration or weight loss, both of which lead to further deterioration, sometimes very quickly as in the case of dehydration.

Reducing nausea in itself can help with appetite, as can a reduction in pain and anxiety. But CBD oil for pets can also directly boost appetite since it has a role in regulating appetite hormones and stimulating appetite. As well, CBD oil activates the reward aspects of eating through the cannabinoid receptors in the hypothalamus, making eating a pleasurable experience for your pet. Giving a dose of CBD oil right before your pet’s scheduled eating time is best — it works that fast.

CBD Oil for Pets Can Improve Sleep

Old dog sleeping.

We all know how important sleep is for well-being and pets need even more sleep than we do.  CBD oil can help your pet sleep better. A dog needs at least 12 – 14 hours of quality sleep. With reduced pain, anxiety. and nausea, your pet will naturally sleep better. But here too, just as in the case of nausea, CBD oil, has a direct effect on sleep. The cannabinoids in CBD oil interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which has a role in regulating functions like the sleep cycle.

CBD oil can help both you and your pet through the end of your pet’s life, making your pet’s experience more comfortable and reducing stress for both of you, so you can enjoy each other’s company better in that important time. 

See our blog post on CBD for pets for more information on CBD for your pet, as well as dosage advice. 

Hip dysplasia

Can CBD Oil Help Canine Hip Dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia is a very common condition among large breed dogs. It brings pain and inflammation, and makes for a very miserable existence for your dog. They avoid any activity that increases the pain, which can lead to other problems as well. Read on to learn what hip dysplasia is, what causes it, and how CBD oil can help.

What is Hip Dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia is a skeletal malformation that is quite common in large breed dogs. Genetics are key, but it can also be aggravated by diet or environmental factors. The ball and socket of the hip joint in dogs with hip dysplasia, did not develop properly; they do not fit as they are supposed to and as a result, the joint grates and rubs instead of allowing a smooth action. Over time the joint deteriorates and the joint becomes unstable, causing inflammation, arthritis, pain and a loss of mobility.

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Causes of Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Hereditary factors play a large role in hip dysplasia. Large breed dogs, such as Labrador or Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd, Great Dane and Saint Bernard, are the most affected, but hip dysplasia can show up in smaller breeds as well.

Diet and exercise can aggravate the condition, especially when the bones of the puppy are developing. If a puppy grows too quickly, its joints may not form properly. Accordingly, puppies should not be overfed and their diet should not contain an excessive amount of calories, protein or calcium.

While exercise is necessary for a puppy’s healthy development, excessive exercise, especially on inclines or stairs should be avoided while the puppy’s bones are still developing. Injury can also contribute to hip dysplasia.

Signs of Hip Dysplasia

While the condition becomes more debilitating over time, it can affect puppies as young as 5-6 months old. In the older dog, hip dysplasia is usually accompanied by osteoarthritis. As well, over time, because the dog compensates for the pain in their hips by using their spine or knees, problems in these areas can show up as well. Symptoms of hip dysplasia may vary depending on the level of inflammation and the degree of joint damage but can include:

  • A hip-swaying gait, with legs close together and appearing to “bunny hop” when running
  • Difficulty getting up, lying down, jumping, running or climbing and descending stairs
  • Lameness, dragging hind legs or a limp
  • Decreased activity in general

If you suspect hip dysplasia, a veterinarian can diagnose it by manipulating and testing the joints to see how loose or stable they are, if there is reduced range of motion, any grinding sounds or obvious pain. Blood work can determine levels of inflammation. A radiograph or X-ray will show the actual degree of degeneration, informing treatment.

CBD Oil for Hip Dysplasia

Traditional Treatments for Hip Dysplasia

Surgery, hip replacement, or medication are the most common treatments. Whether surgery is the best route or not depends on the dog’s age, overall health, the severity of the condition, as well as your finances.

Your vet will probably prescribe anti-inflammatory medication or suggest nutritional supplements such as glucosamine to support the joint’s cartilage. Lifestyle modifications such as weight management and switching to forms of exercise that are gentle on the joints, like swimming, can be a big help in reducing stiffness and the stress on the joints.

CBD Oil to Reduce Pain and Inflammation

CBD oil is extremely effective at reducing inflammation and pain. It does this by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).The ECS is responsible for communication signals between the body’s cells, organs, central nervous system and the brain with the goal of maintaining homeostasis. As a result it has far-reaching effects on many of the body’s processes, with implications for inflammation and pain relief.

While CBD oil won’t cure hip dysplasia, it can make your dog’s quality of life infinitely better, reducing the pain so they can move with more freedom. The pain that comes with hip dysplasia can have a domino effect. The dog doesn’t want to move, their general health deteriorates, their weight increases, which makes the symptoms worse and so on. Controlling the symptoms can slow down the progression of the condition, and that is where CBD oil can provide a big boost.

At Pi-CBD we’ve created a CBD oil product specifically for your large breed dog, for pets over 30lbs, formulated from pesticide free, non-GMO hemp and without any THC which can be harmful for pets. Our CBD oil for dogs products include information on proper dosage.

How to Find the Right CBD Oil for Pets

How to Find the Right CBD Oil for Pets Large and Small

An increasing number of pet owners worldwide are looking to CBD oil to relieve their pet’s pain and anxiety. After all, it works for people, and there are plenty of anecdotal reports that it works for animals too. These anecdotal reports of the benefits of CBD oil for pets are compelling. Let’s take a look.

Reported CBD Benefits for Pets

While there aren’t any scientific studies just yet on CBD benefits when it comes to your pet, dog and cat owners, as well as horse owners tell us the benefits include:

  • Relief of arthritis pain
  • Control of seizures
  • Relief of anxiety and stress
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Possible cardiac benefits
  • Stimulates appetite

There are currently no approved cannabis products for medicinal use for pets in Canada. Veterinarians cannot legally prescribe or even recommend any cannabis products for your pets. They can, however, answer any questions you might bring up with them. Initial research suggests that CBD oil is safe for dogs and cats and provides many benefits, with a few exceptions:

  • THC has toxic effects in dogs and cats. If the CBD oil has any THC at all it could cause distress for your pet.
  • CBD oil may interact with other medications or supplements your pet is taking. For example, high doses of CBD oil will inhibit enzymes that metabolize drugs in the liver.
  • Dogs and cats metabolize substances differently; what is okay for a dog might not be okay for a cat.

Talk to your veterinarian about CBD effects

Veterinarian with Dog, CBD Oil for Pets

While veterinarians cannot yet legally prescribe or recommend CBD oil for your pet’s pain, they are the most qualified to provide advice. They are aware of any scientific studies and they also know your pet’s specific situation: their health concerns, their existing conditions, and current medications. They can discuss CBD effects and how your pet might benefit.

Many vets support the use of CBD oil in pets. In fact, Canadian veterinarians recently lobbied MPs in Ottawa to expand the use of medical cannabis to their pet patients.

Make sure the CBD oil for pets does not contain any THC

THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis and is toxic to dogs and cats. Different pets react more or less strongly, but it is still, at best, distressing for all of them, if not outright dangerous. You can rest assured that Pi CBD oil products do not contain any THC, so our CBD tinctures are safe for your pets. We have tinctures for small breeds, large breeds, and equine.

Look for high-quality, organic CBD Oil for Pets

If the CBD oil is not organic, make sure at least that it does not contain pesticides, fungicides, or solvents which may harm your pet..Pi CBD products are sourced from pesticide-free non-GMO North American Hemp and contain THC. Only premium Canadian made hemp seed oil is used as a carrier.

Make sure the packaging has clear instructions on dosage

CBD Oil Tincture for Pets

Because not all CBD oils are the same, it isn’t advisable to rely on general instructions found on the internet. Your CBD oil should provide very specific instructions on dosage for the size and type of pet.

As a general rule, however, start with the lowest dosage possible, if there is a range of recommended dosages, and monitor effects. CBD oil and tincture allows for more precise dosing (over treats). With an oil or tincture, you can adjust the dose drop by drop if need be.

Be aware of possible negative CBD effects

Although it’s unlikely, your pet may not respond well to CBD oil. Watch for signs of distress, and call your veterinarian if your pet exhibits any of the following:

  • Dribbling urine
  • Walking as if they’re drunk
  • Wobbling while standing still
  • Wide, dilated pupils
  • Easily startled by sudden sounds
  • Drowsiness
  • Tremors
  • Stomach upset
  • Increased intake of water (signifying a dry mouth)

Now it’s possible these symptoms may not be related to CBD oil at all, but it’s best to be on the safe side.

Order CBD Oil for Pets Easily with Pi CBD

If you’re ready to help your pet with arthritis pain or anxiety, you may want to explore the world of CBD oil for pets. Do your research, and we’re confident you’ll agree that CBD oil treatment is a safe and effective treatment option. Pi CBD offers a number of pure CBD oils for pets large and small. If you have any questions, check out our FAQs page, or submit your question through our contact form. We are always glad to help.