How To Order

It’s easy! Follow the steps below and you’ll receive your order in the mail anywhere in Canada.

Add Products To Your Cart

From your chosen product page:

  1. Choose the quality you would like to buy
  2. Click “ADD TO CART”

View Your Cart

3. Click “VIEW CART” to go to the cart page

From The Cart Page

4. Once you have reviewed your items and information, click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”


5. Fill in the billing and shipping information that is associated with your e-transfer account.

6. Click “PLACE ORDER”

Send E-Transfer

7. The details of your order are at the top of the confirmation page. Please record this.

8. Use the information listed below your order details to make your e-transfer payment.

Once we receive payment, we will ship your purchases anywhere in Canada via Canada Post Express.

Shipping is free for purchases over $75.00 CAD